i wanna kisss every cute girl I follow rn

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Yaknow sometimes after I go on a huge fangirl spree like I did yesterday with Bjarte and the nony and whatnot, I forget that I have some followers outside the fandom that I’d really like to keep and I panic that they’ve left due to the crazy, so I go and check they still follow me, is that lame?

I just want people to know I am actually an adult behind all the capital letters and ‘uubsbanbbshzhzhs he’s so cuuuute’ shit I post.

God I’m reflective today :3 love you guys

Anonymous asked: When you open your eyes and look up, you see Vegard standing in front of his own seat, looking at the two of you. You crack a sleepy half smile and he returns you one and the same, heaves a big sigh and sits himself back down beside Bjarte. You close your eyes after seeing him pull out the catalogue from the pocket in front of him. ‘No one is ever going to believe this…’ you think as you feel your consciousness slipping away. (the end)


Although me being me i’d probably get out my phone and take a few cheeky photos like eyyyy look who’s asleep on my shoULDERRRR

Awwwthank you for the wam and fuzzy nony, just what I needed, iluuuuuuuu <3

Anonymous asked: Without waiting for his reply you shift so that you yourself are leaning against the wall of the plane. You close your eyes and within moments you feel his head on your shoulder, the rest of his upper body leaning against your arm. He’s tense at first but slowly you feel his body relax onto yours, and you’ll be damned if he hasn’t actually fallen asleep after several minutes.

sjflksjfghaklsjdhfldkjglskfjgsds sleep little baby, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

God i love it when people fall asleep on my it’s the cutest thing ever sdfjskdglskdfjgs

Anonymous asked: “Look, I better pretend I'm asleep or he’ll never come back.” Bjarte says, looking down the aisle of the plane. “Okay, sure.” You say. You watch him from the corner of your eye, fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable for several minutes before you silence the nervous flutterings inside you and say, “you can lean on me if you want.” He stops and looks at you, “You sure?”, “Yeah, sure. I'm told I have a very comfortable shoulder.” You say.

Yeahhhhhh lean on my you big ol’ cutie :3

Anonymous asked: “We should stop.” You say with an apologetic smile. “Yeah.. before he actually does kick my ass.” You chuckle and say, “That was fun, though! Thanks for cheering me up, Bjarte.” “Heheh, no problem! ..uh.. What’s your name again?”, “I never said it, but it’s Elly.” You say and hold out your hand, which he takes and shakes. Suddenly the awkwardness is back, but you’re out of ideas how to relieve it.

teeeehehehehehhee alone at last lolol.

top tips for breaking the awkwardness; just do this.

Anonymous asked: But Bjarte is innocently scratching his own side, “What the hell are you talking about? Can’t a guy scratch himself or am I supposed to sit perfectly still while you get your beauty sleep?” You have your nose pressed up against the glass, your hand covering your mouth so Vegard can’t see you smiling. When you gather the courage to turn your head, you see that Vegard’s left. “Bathroom.” Bjarte says, and you nod.

ahahahahah, oh god i would not be able to keep quiet through that!!

Top points for turning it around Bjarte you master. 

Anonymous asked: “Now he’s upped the difficulty level! Watch the master..” Bjarte hisses and leans forward in his chair. He makes a show out of pretending to need to scratch his own side but reaches for Vegard’s instead, scratching lightly over his thin shirt, making him squirm, and throw the blanket angrily off his head, “Bjarte, I will fucking kick your ass, knock it off!” He snaps at his little brother.

hahahaha watch out Bjarte!

He’s a trained killer, on his way to stonehenge; he can and WILL KILL YOU. (protect me tho this was ur idea u lil shit)

Anonymous asked: After a minute or so Bjarte takes a peek and taps your arm. When you turn around you see that Vegard is curled back up in his previous position, only now with a blanket over his head. A faint whistling sound is coming from Bjarte as he fails to suppress his giggling and you can’t help but shake with silent laughter at the sight of his enjoyment. “Now what?” You mouth the question.

AAAhhhfgfhhfhdhdhfhf this is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeekejthlsdkjffdf

Anonymous asked: “Alright..” you whisper, not believing what you’re about to do. You reach out a finger and trace it ever so lightly along the outline of Vegard’s ear. He jolts and you and Bjarte immediately assume a casual sitting position, pretending to both be staring intently out the window, as if you’d rehearsed it all along. You can feel Vegard looking at you and fight the intense need to giggle.

hahahahahahahah ‘act casual boys’

I’m just imagining Vegard all like;

'u fuckin wot m8